Letter Model

Letter Model

Dear Mr Deputy … / Madame Deputy …

With great concern, I would like to ask you to refuse to give your approval to the conclusion of the CETA agreement and to refuse to give it to any other free trade agreement until the new agreement on “Interinstitutional Better Law-Making” becomes operational.

Madame… /Mr … I also ask that the first task of the Joint Committee (JC) to be set up with the new “Inter-institutional Agreement (…) in Better Law-Making be to rewrite the mandates issued to the European Commission, following a public societal debate organized at all the legislative levels concerned by this type of agreement, at the regional, national and European levels.

Hoping that my request will help you in your reflection, I remain yours sincerely.

Grounds for this request:

At the conclusion of the negotiations on CETA, Wallonia succeeded in including fundamental amendments. However, the fact that CETA could not be renegotiated implies that it remains unbalanced, with, on the one hand, non-binding social and environmental standards for transnational firms and, on the other hand, the possibility for these firms to attack the social and environmental laws of States before an International Arbitration Court.

Indeed the reporter of the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade, Artis Pabriks, will present on 23 and 24 January 2017 a recommendation calling on MEPs to give their approval to the conclusion of the agreement without giving our elected deputies the opportunity to further improve this agreement.

This is a serious limitation on the exercise of the mandate of our elected officials. This limitation is made even more serious by the fact that soon the new “Interinstitutional Agreement (…) on Better Law-Making”, approved on 13 April 2016, will apply. Under point 40, the agreement provides for the possibility for the European Parliament to propose binding interpretations and amendments to international treaties whiles they are being negotiated through a Joint Committee (JC).

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