CETA : The Walloons have opened the way for us, Do not be cowardly !

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CETA : The Walloons have opened the way for us, Do not be cowardly !

As you know, CETA was signed on 30 October 2016, a few days behind schedule due to the opposition of the Walloon Parliament following careful analysis of its content and implications. After lengthy negotiations and talks, the CETA was signed by all but with some compromises. Indeed, the delegates of Walloon parliamentarians have tried to improve this treaty, and it is now understood that no dissatisfaction is any longer justified. But it appears, however, that no renegotiation of the text itself took place, and that this treaty has in no way changed in substance.

However, the Walloon deputies tried to defend the general interest of Europe and Europeans. Indeed, they have shown that these draft international agreements, negotiated in opacity, are not texts to be accepted globally, as such, without being able to be modified, without calling into question all the sensible compromises which have made it possible to reach an agreement. As deputies from one region have done (or even a “micro-region” in the words of Mr. Juncker), you too, our elected representatives of the European Parliament, can ensure that the progress made by your colleagues is defended or even improved before the parliamentary acceptance and the final signature of this treaty:

The Belgian federal government has reaffirmed its right to use the safeguard mechanisms provided for in the original agreement, but the precise thresholds for activating this safeguard clause will only be defined within one year. Thus, as a MEP, you cannot vote the CETA without having a precise and legally enforceable text indicating all the modalities of these thresholds.

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